Dear Citizen,

You are welcome to M.L.N. Medical College and associated hospitals , the premier Medical Institution of eastern Uttar Pradesh. M.L.N. medical College is committed to provide quality services and medical care to each and every citizen coming to hospital. In line with our mandate, we, at M.L.N. Medical College, strive hard to provide comprehensive, high quality tertiary care services (specialty and super-specialty services)  to our users, However, there may be some deficiencies due to extreme patient load and limited resources.

This charter seeks to provide a framework, which enables our users to know:-

·        The services available in this hospital.

·        The quality of services they are entitled to and the means through which complaints regarding denial or poor quality of services will be redressed


·        MLN Medical College is located on Lowther Road about 3.5 kilometers from Prayagraj Railway station. The main entrance is from Lowther Road. S.R.N. Hospital which is 1 km away from Medical College campus and can reach by connecting road from M.G. Road to South Malaka. S.N. Children hospital its Pediatric department is about 2 km away from the medical college campus in Church lain. The Ophthalmology department of the college is situated in M.D. eye hospital about 3 km from college campus and is located on city side of railway station.


Number of Doctors and Nurses Etc

·        The hospital has 1080 beds (including the Emergency and Private Wards).

·        There are nearly 450 doctors (including faculty members, Senior and Junior Residents, casualty medical officers and 180 nursing staff.

Enquiry and information about College and Hospital:

·        Central Enquiry and Registration is located at the entrance of the S.R.N. Hospital.

·        Telephone number of Central Enquiry (S.R.N. Hospital): (0532) 2256006.

·        Telephone number of M.L.N. Medical College: (0532) 2256507.

·        Enquiry counters and help desk also exist in the OPD and Emergency.

·        Email –


·        Casualty numbers: (0532) 2256006.

·        AIDS Helpline.

·        Eye Bank/ Eye donation: 9451762902, 9807477789.

·        Cadaver Donation: 8574390236.

Right to Information:

·        Officer-in-charge: Dr. Man Singh, Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy.

·        Appellate Officer: Principal, M.L.N. Medical College, Prayagraj